kam market
KAM Market is a brand of an economy class supermarket chain, which is No. 1 in the Macedonian market.
KAM Market is actively developing and already has more than 12 branches in Bulgaria.

To increase brand awareness, representatives turned to us for a 360° advertising campaign that includes a multi-faceted approach to marketing strategy.

Landing page development for the promotion

Placement of advertisements on billboards

PR-support of the advertising campaign
Filming of the commercials

Script development for shooting advertising

Recruit an influencer for ads
Brand-awareness campaign of a Macedonian chain of economy class supermarkets

What has been done

As part of our cooperation, an advertising campaign for KAM Market Hoods was developed, which tells about various neighbourhoods of the capital of Bulgaria, the city of Sofia. To implement the advertising campaign, we reached the top Instagram influencer and TV presenter Maria Silvestar.
Together with her, we filmed a number of promotional videos. As advertising platforms, we use social networks, television, billboards in Sofia, and the mass media.

800 000 Ads reach on Facebook
1300 Participants
the project was made by
Our team
CMO KAM Маркет
Lavinija Sofronievska
Vasily Nikolov
Art Director
Love Slosser
Head of Internet Communications Department
Damyan Nikolov
Kalin Baichev
Alex Slosser
Team Lead digital
Alesya Martyuk
Konstantin Volkov
Landing page development
КАМ Маркет
Dusan Tusanov
Client team
CEO KAM Market Bulgaria
Vasilena Vasileva
Maria Silvestar
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