dr. slosser
Dr. Slosser Dmitry is one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Ukraine. Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

Widespread fame brought him participation in many television shows, such as "Turn my beauty" on 1 + 1, "I am ashamed of my body" on STB, "Speak Ukraine" on TRK "Ukraine", including on a number of leading Russian TV channels .

Shooting promo videos of operations for YouTube
Set up targeted advertising to promote the dr_slosser Instagram account

SEO optimization of the new website
Develop a website
Write and post information about the doctor on Wikipedia
What has been done
We fully studied the professional path and development of a plastic surgeon, after which we began to develop a website design. The purpose of the site is to be understandable to the target audience.

After the launch of the site, we carried out its SEO-optimization. Next, we were able to start promoting the dr_slosser Instagram profile. To do this, we have prescribed a strategy and set up targeted advertising.
Of no small importance was the publication of our material about the doctor on the Wikipedia resource.

Created a recognizable brand identity

Professional page on Wikipedia
the project was made by
Our team
Mike Demyanchuk
Alesya Martyuk
Love Slosser
Head of Internet Communications Department
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