The most overrated and underrated thing in the world.
Creating branding is like the job of a scout. We immerse ourselves in the company's business processes: we study the internal part, competitors, the target audience, we brief not only top managers, but even company employees. All in order to extract the insights and feelings of employees towards the brand: in a selective way, but without resorting to torture. Except pizza. Then we present a delicious mood board that pleases the eye. After all, no one now wants just “beautiful” you need to also hook you. The design must work.
We believe that there is nothing better than a visual that hits the heart and is remembered as the second “I” of the brand. Therefore, we are ready to brainstorm until the tenth cup of coffee and the last slice of pizza until we develop the concept of a new BRANDBOOK with you and for you.
Development of strategy and positioning
Logo creation
Corporate identity development
Brandbook development
We don't roll our eyes when we hear the phrases "make it beautiful" or "we want it like Apple." We explain in simple words which design will WORK.
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