If you need a strategy, then you know what you want. Or, you will know very soon.
"Guys, get ready! We've been sent data."

This is how we prepare the team for the fact that we will have to conduct research and analysis of a large layer of information about the client’s business.

Strategy is such a miracle that you can only do for one client, and not for five at once. Indeed, to create a good strategy, you need a lot of time and a red bull that would give you wings.
Our team loves strategy and knows what to do when a Pandora's box opens with a huge amount of files. All our efforts, perseverance, knowledge and experience are applied to structure and analyze the received data.

What is there at the moment? How did you come to this? What do we want to do? How do we plan to do it?

So many questions and more answers. On 60-100 pages often.
After such an analysis, it seems that you are already a real master of client business and can present a dissertation in front of the president of Harvard himself.

And the best part is the presentation. When even dopamine can be smelled from the fact that it became clear to the client how to move on.
Without water, without fantasies. Only rational analysis of the facts and a systematic approach.
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